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Samsung Galaxy A32 launched in India, know what is the price.

 Samsung Galaxy A32 launched in India, know what is the price

Korean company Samsung is continuously launching new handsets in India this year. In this episode, the company has launched the new Samsung Galaxy A32 today. The features of this phone are constantly being talked about. Know the specifications and price quickly.

Samsung Galaxy A32 Price

Samsung on Wednesday launched the Galaxy A32 smartphone (Smartphone), which is equipped with a 64 MP quad camera, 90 Hz display as well as a long lasting 5000 mAh battery. Its (6 GB, 128 GB variant) price is Rs 21,999. This device with a 6.4-inch FHD Plus smoldered screen will be available in four colors - Black, White, Blue and Purple from Wednesday. It can be purchased from retail stores and online portals.

With this interoductory offer, consumers can avail it in the form of HDFC Bank Credit Card, Debit Card and EMI Transactions with a cashback of Rs 2000. With this, the Galaxy A32 can be purchased at an effective price of Rs 19,999.

Aditya Babbar, Senior Director and Head (Mobile Marketing), Samsung India said, 'The Galaxy A32 carries forward our legacy of strengthening our mid-range portfolio by providing new generation technology to all. The Galaxy A32 is designed keeping in mind the growing appetite for content consumption and expression of creativity between Gen Z and Millennials. '

On the rear, the Galaxy A32 comes with a 64 MP main camera. The 8MP ultra-wide lens provides a 123-degree field of view, which adds more variety to the photo. The 5MP macro lens helps take close-up shots, and the 5MP depth camera offers live focus mode.

The Galaxy A32 supports Hyperlaps, Night Mode, Slow-Mo, Panorama and Pro Mode and also features a 20 MP selfie camera.

The Galaxy A32 has a 5000 mAh battery which claims to provide up to 20 hours of video playback, 93 hours of music playback and 19 hours of internet usage. The device is available with 15 watts of adaptive fast charging.

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Moto Z with Style Mod


  • 5.5 Inch Quad HD Display
  • 4 GB RAM | 64 GB Internal Memory | Expandable Upto 2 TB
  • 13 MP Primary Camera | 5 MP Front Camera
  • 1.8 GHz Quad Core Processor | Android v6.0 (Marshmallow) OS
  • 2600 mAh Battery




Model NameMoto Z
Model IdMoto Z
Phone TypeSmartphones
In The BoxHandset, Style MOD, Turbo Power Charger, USB to USB Type C Cable, Wired Headset, Warranty Guide, Getting Started Guide, Legal Guide, SIM Removal Tool


GPUAdreno 530


SIM TypeDual Sim
SIM SizeStandard


Expandable MemoryUpto 2 TB
Internal Memory64 GB


OS NameAndroid
OS Versionv6.0 (Marshmallow) OS


Mobile Battery Capacity2600 mAh


FlashCCT Flash with Dual LED
Front Camera5 MP
HD RecordingYes
Video RecordingYes
Rear Camera Resolution13 MP
Other Camera Featuresf/1.8 Aperture, Optical Image Stabilization (OIS), Laser Autofocus, Zero Shutter Lag, Color Correlated Temperature (CCT) Flash with Dual LEDs, 1.12um Pixel, Professional Mode, Quick Capture, Best Shot, Scan Barcodes, QR codes and Business Cards, Google Photos Integration with Free Original File Size Backup for Two Years, Shutter Button or Tap Anywhere to Capture, 8X Digital Zoom, Burst Mode, Night Mode, Auto HDR, Closed Loop Processing, Panorama, Tap to Focus & Exposure, Video Stabilization, 1080p HD Video (60fps), 4K Video (30fps), Slow Motion Video, Video HDR (1080p and 4K)
Video Resolution3840 x 2160
Video Frame Rate4K Video at 30 fps, 1080p HD Video at 60 fps, Video HDR at 1080p and 4K fps
ZoomDigital Zoom - x8


Screen Size5.5 inch
Screen ResolutionQuad HD ( 2560 x 1440 Pixels)
Screen TypeAMOLED
Display DescriptionAircraft Grade Aluminum Chassis with Corning Gorilla Glass


Audio Jack3.5 mm
Bluetooth Version4.1


Proximity SensorYes
Ambient Light SensorYes
Fingerprint SensorYes


Weight136 gm


Summary1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

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Advantages and disadvantages of basil

Advantages and disadvantages of basil

Basil is called 'Herb Queen' that is 'Queen of Medicines'. In a country like India, Tulsi has been given the status of God. We have often heard from our elders about the qualities of basil leaves. But we rarely use it despite knowing about its properties. You will be surprised to know that many types of chemical elements are found in Basil leaves and flowers, which have the power to prevent many diseases and eliminate them from the root. For this reason, the use of tulsi leaves is used in many diseases medicine. Basil is beneficial for both internal and external forms of the body. Its special thing is that it works according to the person's effect. Due to the many properties of basil, not only the leaves of basil, but also its branches, flowers, seeds, etc. are also used for treatment in Ayurveda and Naturopathy. Tulsi has been in use for centuries, be it cancer or cold. What are the characteristics of Tulsi benefits, let's take a look.

Benefits of basil leaves for the body

Home remedies related to basil leaves

Loss of basil leaves

Types of basil

The qualities of Tulsi are incredible from the point of view of Hindu religion and scientific and Ayurveda. This precious plant is of five types, which is important from health to scientific and spiritual point of view. Know the types of basil -

  • sweet Basil
  • Shyam or Shyama Tulsi
  • White / Vishnu Tulsi
  • Forest basil
  • Lemon basil

Nutrients found in basil

Tulsi literally means 'matchless plant'. Tulsi is considered the most sacred herb in India. It is known worldwide due to its effects and benefits. There are many types of nutrition and vitamins found in basil leaves, such as -

  • Vitamins A, B, C and K
  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • Chlorophyll
  • Zinc
  • Omega 3
  • Magnesium
  • Mangjin

Benefits of basil leaves for the body

Tulsi plant is found in every house, but even after being in front, you probably do not know that it is an Ayurvedic medicine, which is cheaper than the medicine available in the market and is free from all the disadvantages. Let's know about the wonderful benefits of Tulsi -

  • Skin infection relief
  • Winter - beneficial in cough
  • Stress away
  • Cancer prevention
  • In the problem of irregular periods
  • In stomach related diseases
  • Benefits in kidney stones
  • Increase immunity power
  • Increase immunity power

Skin infection relief

There is no better medicine than basil to prevent any kind of skin infection. Actually, basil leaves prevent bacteria from growing. Tulsi also has antibiotic properties, which help in treating infections. If you have any kind of skin infection, make a paste of basil leaves with gram flour and apply on the skin, it will be beneficial.

Winter - beneficial in cough

Tulsi works as a panacea for cold and cold. Most people get worse due to change in weather. Fever is reduced by taking the medicine but cough and phlegm persist for a long time. In such a situation, it is immediately beneficial to adopt domestic prescriptions of Tulsi.

Stress away

A recent research has shown that basil is considered an effective natural remedy for stress relief. Actually, Tulsi leaves are found to have anti-stress agents which correct our stress and mental imbalance. In addition, it is helpful in combating negative thoughts that dominate the mind due to stress.

Cancer prevention

Tulsi seeds have also been shown to be effective in treating cancer in many researches. Indeed, basil increases antioxidant activity and prevents cancerous tumors from spreading. It is said that people who consume Tulsi regularly have little chance of getting cancer.

In the problem of irregular periods

Periods of irregular or delayed periods are becoming a common problem of most girls these days. The period cycle is usually 21 to 35 days. If your period comes after 35 days, then know that you are also going through the same problem of period. In this case, using basil seeds proves beneficial. This removes the irregularity of the menstrual cycle.

In stomach related diseases

Tulsi is a boon for people suffering from stomach ailments. Yes, it is used to relieve stomach irritation, abdominal pain, gas, bloating etc. Experts say that both basil leaves and seeds prevent stomach ulcers.

Benefits in kidney stones

Tulsi helps the kidneys to run smoothly. Urine comes out easily due to its intake, which also helps in cleaning the kidneys. If there is a stone in the kidney, mix fresh basil juice with honey and eat it daily for 4 to 5 months. This will also remove kidney stone from the path of urine.

Increase immunity power

Basil acts as a protective shield for our body. Swallowing fresh basil leaves daily in the morning strengthens the immune system of the body. It has many properties that increase the production of antibodies that fight infection in the body by several percent, so that we do not get sick quickly.

Remove the bad smell of the mouth

Tulsi leaves are also very helpful in removing the bad smell of the mouth. They work as a natural mouth freshener in a way. If your mouth smells, then boil some basil leaves in water and then rinse it after cooling that water. Doing this causes bad odor of the mouth.

Skin care

Tulsi is a good option to keep the skin healthy and away from pimples. Actually, Tulsi has anti oxidant, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory antibiotic properties, due to which it solves every problem of our skin. From improving the face of the face to nail, acne, stains and spots are all treated. Let's know about the beauty benefits associated with Tulsi -

  • Hydrate skin
  • Basil acts as an anti-aging agent for our skin.
  • Tulsi proves to be very beneficial for a smooth face and glowing skin
  • Basil relieves every hair problem

Benefits of eating basil leaves

  • Tulsi leaves prove to be beneficial even if there is a problem of vomiting in pregnant women.
  • Drinking Tulsi juice daily is also beneficial to lose weight.
  • It also reduces the risk of heart attack.
  • Basil prevents blood clotting by lowering cholesterol.
  • Basil seeds are also used in the treatment of sexual diseases.
  • Basil is very helpful in quitting smoking.
  • Use of basil provides relief in problems like burning and swelling.

Right way to eat basil

The right way to use basil is to swallow its leaves or you can drink it by making its juice, decoction. The leaves can also be boiled and drunk in tea etc. But do not forget to chew basil leaves. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, basil leaves are also revered and secondly, mercury metal elements are found in basil leaves which are chewed on the leaves and apply on the teeth. Mercury damages teeth. That is why the leaves should be swallowed or sucked instead of chewed. It is also beneficial in many diseases.

Home remedies related to basil leaves

  • By taking one drop of Shri Tulsi daily, stomach related diseases are gradually eradicated.
  • Applying juice of basil leaves is beneficial when the skin of the body burns.
  • In a problem like ear pain or running ears, pouring basil juice lightly in the ear is beneficial.
  • Applying juice of basil leaves with lemon juice increases face glow.
  • If someone has a problem of white stains, then adding basil juice to coconut oil, this problem is also overcome.
  • Boil 5 to 5 basil leaves in a cup of water to get relief from fever and cold. Then filter it and drink this tea at least twice a day.
  • If you have a complaint of migraine or always headache, then you make a decoction of basil leaf and drink it. Will get relief soon.
  • Digestion is strengthened by consuming black pepper with basil.
  • The water can be purified by adding some fresh basil leaves to the dirty water.
  • To reduce tension naturally, one must drink basil tea at least once a day.
  • Eating basil seeds with curd ends the problem of piles.
  • Those who feel more cold, should boil 8- 10 leaves of basil in milk and drink it.
  • After injury, applying basil leaves with alum and healing wounds quickly and also does not cause infection.
  • Applying basil leaves with oil also reduces skin irritation.
  • Grind the basil leaves and apply it on the face for about 10 minutes and then wash the face, this will hydrate the skin and also act as an anti-aging.
  • Using basil oil will relieve dandruff and dry scalp.
  • If there is a liver problem, then boil basil leaves in water every morning and drink it.
  • If there is burning or itching in the eyes, add 2 drops extract of Shyama Tulsi leaves every night.
Right for some time every day, but if you sit in front of the basil plant, you get rid of asthma and respiratory problems soon.
Mouth infection is cured by rinse with basil leaf boiled water.
Know some important things related to Tulsi
Tulsi is considered a Sanjeevani herb in Ayurveda because Tulsi plant has many properties that help in curing many diseases. Tulsi plant protects not only health but also the evil eye. "Don't know the Tulsi tree. Don't know the cow. Don't know the Guru. Do not know Guru Manuj. These three nandkishore." This means that you should never consider Tulsi as a tree, do not make the mistake of thinking of a cow as an animal, and do not make the mistake of considering a Guru as an ordinary human being, because all three are manifestations of God. So let's know some important things related to the basil plant -

1 - Basil leaves should never be chewed

2 - Do not touch basil on Sunday

3 - Tulsi is forbidden in Shiva and Ganesh worship

4 - It is not right to keep dry basil plant

5 - Do not touch basil after evening

Loss of Tulsi leaves - Side Effects of Tulsi

The basil of basil is slightly warm, so eating it in winter does not cause any harm to the body, but excessive intake in summer can cause problems. At the same time, people who are taking medicines for diseases like diabetes or pir hypoglycemia should not consume Tulsi. Due to this, there can be a possibility of lowering blood sugar in the body. If you drink basil tea more than 2 times a day, you may also face problems like chest and stomach irritation, acidity.

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Folk Dances

Folk Dances

The main folk dances of Tripura are – Hozagiri dance of Reang community, Garia, Jhum, Maimita, Masak Sumani and Lebang boomani dances of Tripuri community, Bijhu dance of Chakma community, Cheraw and Welcome dances of Lusai community Hai-Hak dance of Malsum community, Wangala dance of Garo Community, Sangraiaka, Chimithang, Padisha and Abhangma dances of Mog community, Garia dances of Kalai and Jamatia communities, Gajan, Dhamail Sari and Rabindra dances of Bengali community and Basanta Rash and Pung chalam dances of Manipuri community. Each community has its own traditional musical instruments. To name a few are – ‘Khamb ( Drum)', Bamboo flute, 'Lebang,', 'Sarinda', 'Do- Tara', and 'Khengrong', etc.

Garia Dance

The life and culture of Tripuris revolve around Jhum (shifting) cultivation. When the sowing of seeds at a plot of land selected for Jhum is over by the middle of April, they pray to God 'Garia' for a happy harvest. The celebrations attached to the Garia Puja continue for seven days when they seek to entertain their beloved deity with song and dance.

Lebang Boomani Dance

After the Garia festival is over, the Tripuris have time to rest awaiting the monsoon. During this period, folks of charming colorful insects called 'Lebang' use to visit hill slopes in search of seeds sewn on it. The annual visit of the insects renders the tribal youths to indulge in merry-making. While the men-folk make a peculiar rhythmic sound with the help of two bamboo chips in their hand, the women folk run tottering the hill slopes to catch hold of these insects called 'Lebang'. The rhythm of the sound made by the bamboo chips attracts the insects from their hiding places and the women in-groups catch them. With the change of time, Jhuming on hill slopes is gradually diminishing. But the cultural life that developed centering around the Jhum delved deep into society. It still exists in the state's hills and dales as a reminiscence of the life, which the tribal of today cherish in memory, and preserve as treasure. In both, the dances Tripuris use musical instruments like Khamb made of Bamboo, Flute, Sarinda, Lebang made of bamboo, and bamboo cymbal. Tripuri women generally put on indigenous ornaments like a chain made of silver with coin, Bangle made of the silver, ear, and nose rings made of bronze. They prefer flowers as ornaments.

Hozagiri Dance

While the theme of the dance remains almost to be the same as of other tribes, the dance form of the Reang community is quite different from others. The movement of hands or even the upper part of the body is somewhat restricted, whereas the movement beginning from their waist down to their feet creates a wonderful wave. Standing on an earthen pitcher with a bottle on the head and a lighted lamp on it, when the Reang belle dance twisting rhythmically the lower part of the body, the dance bewilders the onlookers. The Reangs also use musical Instruments like Khamb, Flute made of bamboo, and bamboo cymbal. Reang women prefer to put on black Pachra and Rea. Reang women put on coins ring, which generally covers their entire upper region. They also put on rings made of the coin in their ears. They are fond of fragrant flowers as ornaments to metal things.

Bijhu Dance

This popular form of dance is characteristic of the Chakma community. Bijhu means 'Chaitra-Sankranti'. 'Chaitra-Sankranti' denotes the end of the Bengali calendar year. It is during this period when the Chakmas sing and dance to bid good-bye to the year just being ended and welcome the New Year. The dance is beautifully orchestrated with the rhythm playing of what is known as 'Kheng-Garang', 'Dhukuk', and flute. Chakma women wear flowers on hair and metal ornaments.

Hai-Hak Dance

Like other tribal community of this State, the social and economic life of the Halam community also revolves around Jhum cultivation. At the end of the harvesting season, the Malsum traditionally adore Goddess Laxmi. They enjoy this festive occasion for their famous Hai-Hak dance. It is also a community dance with exquisite beauty. Rhythms of the dance reflect the tradition inherited from the distant past.

Wangala Dance

After the happy harvest 'Wangala' (1-st rice eating ceremony) is performed in every house. The Sangnakma, head of the communities visits every house and cuts a pumpkin as a part of worship. This pumpkin is sacrificed on this occasion. After that, the women dance to the beat of 'Dama' and 'Aaduri' made of buffalo horn. The dance projects the rehearsal for war.

Welcome Dance

The Lusai girls are well dressed. They generally wear colorful cloth. They performed welcome dance whenever any visitor pays visits to their house. This is a very colorful dance where young girls of the entire community take part. Their dress is so colorful that the ornaments are not very much required except fragrant flowers.

Cheraw Dance

The Darlong reposes faith in the afterlife. They believe that man is destined to go to Heaven after death. Incidentally, they think that if a pregnant woman dies, she feels it very difficult, with all her physical strains, to track the long journey to Heaven. Hence at the last stage of her pregnancy - in fact just at the time or immediately prior to delivery all her relatives perform this 'Cheraw' dance in-group throughout day and night so as to instill confidence in the mind of that woman. They are firm in their belief that even if the woman dies at this juncture. It will be possible for her to go Heaven with the courage and confidence together with joy gained through the sound of bamboo as the rhythm of the dance produced till her death.

Sangria Dance

Sangria dance is performed by the Mog community people on the occasion of the Sangria festival falling in the month of Chaitra of Bengali calendar year. Young boys and girls, in particular, celebrate the day through cultural programs to invite the New Year.

Realme X3 and Realme X3 SuperZoom will be launched in India on June 25

Realme X3 and Realme X3 SuperZoom will be launched in India on June 25


60 x zoom to get in Realme X3 SuperZoom

Reality X3 Pro can also be launched

The event will be organized online


Reality's two smartphones are eager to come to India. The company has announced the launch date of Realme X3 and Realme X3 SuperZoom in India. Reality X3 and Reality X3 Superzoom will launch in India on 25 June. Madhav Seth, CEO of Reality India has given this information by tweeting. Let us know that Realme X3 SuperZoom was launched in Europe last month.

Realme X3, Realme X3 SuperZoom Expected Price

Talking about the price, the price of Realme X3 in India can be close to 20 thousand rupees. Last year, the company launched Realme X2 at an initial price of Rs 17,999. Talking about the price of Realme X3 SuperZoom, its price in Europe is 499 Euros i.e. about 42,900 rupees. Its price in India may be close to this. Apart from these two phones, the company can also launch Realme X3 Pro in India, which will be a mid-range phone.

Realme X3 specification

Realme has not given information about the features of this phone, but according to the report so far, this phone will get a 6.57 inch Full HD Plus display with a resolution of 1080x2400 pixels. Apart from this, the phone will get an octa-core processor, RAM up to 12 GB, and storage up to 256 GB. A 4100mAh battery can be found on the phone. Apart from this, there will be a quad rear camera setup in which the main camera is 48 megapixels, the second lens will be 8 megapixels, the other two lenses are not known. A dual selfie camera can be found in the phone.

Realme X3 SuperZoom specification

Reality X3 Super Zoom has a 6.6-inch Full HD Plus display, which has a resolution of 1,080x2,400 pixels. Also, Corning Gorilla Glass 5 has been supported to protect the screen. Apart from this, users have got Snapdragon 855 Plus processor in this device. At the same time, this smartphone works on the Reality operating system based on Android 10.

Realme X3 SuperZoom Camera

Users will get a quad camera setup in this smartphone, which includes a 64-megapixel primary sensor, an 8-megapixel periscope lens (support 60x digital zoom), an 8-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens and a 2-megapixel macro lens. Apart from this, this smartphone has an 8-megapixel dual selfie camera with 32 megapixels.

Realme X3 SuperZoom battery and connectivity

In terms of connectivity, the company has given features like Bluetooth version 5.0, Wi-Fi, GPS, and USB port Type-C in this smartphone. Apart from this, users have got 4,200 mAh battery in this smartphone with 30-watt dart charge technology.

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Depression - Symptom Causes and Prevention

Depression - Symptom Causes and Prevention

Depression has now become such a common illness that it is also called "common cold of mental illness". Today on we will talk about this topic in detail.

What is depression?

It is a normal thing to feel low in life sometimes. But when these feelings remain for a long time and do not leave you, then it can be depression or depression. In such a situation, life starts to seem very dull and empty. In such a situation, neither friends look good nor do they feel like doing anything else. Life seems hopeless and positive things also seem negative. If this happens to you too, there is no need to panic. It is necessary to understand the symptoms and causes of depression and then treat it.

There are ups and downs in the lives of all of us. Sometimes, when you get success, you get a lot of happiness, and sometimes a person becomes unhappy if you fail. Many times people give even the slightest grief the name of depression, which is totally wrong. Depression is very different from normal sadness. Let us understand its definition:

According to MediLexicon’s Medical Dictionary, depression is “a mental state or chronic mental disorder characterized by feelings of sadness, loneliness, despair, low self-esteem, and self-reproach; accompanying signs include psychomotor retardation (or less frequently agitation), withdrawal from social contact, and vegetative states such as loss of appetite and insomnia.”

It is to be noted that the general tension or grief has nothing to do with depression.

Depression Symptoms.

If you see one or more of the following symptoms matching with you, then you are likely to be depressed:

  • You either do not sleep or you have too much sleep
  • You are unable to concentrate and there is difficulty in doing the work which you could have done easily earlier.
  • You feel hopeless and helpless.
  • No matter how much you try, you are not able to stop your negative thoughts.
  • Either you don't feel hungry or you eat too much.
  • You get irritate or aggressive sooner than ever, and start getting angry.
  • You drink more alcohol than normal.
  • You feel that life is not worth living and suicidal thoughts come to your mind. (If so, get treated immediately)

Depression and suicide

Due to too much depression, a person can even think of committing suicide. During the depression, a person can feel completely helpless and can see the solution to all the problems in ending his life. If someone talks to you about suicide then he is probably suffering from depression, and he is just giving you his Not only is he telling you, but he is screaming for help, and you must help him. And if you see yourself doing this, then without delay you should seek the help of experts.

If you see these things in someone, then they can be a warning for suicide:

Talk about killing or killing yourself.
Suddenly people meet or phone to goodbye.
Without giving away your property or other valuable things to others.
Expressing feelings that make a person seem very helpless and confused.
Always talk about dying.
Unusual behavior such as red-light jumping for no reason.
Talking unusual things like, "I don't care if anyone cares."
Suddenly depressed and then start to express happiness.

If you feel that a friend or relative of yours is thinking about committing suicide, then get him professional help immediately. Talking openly about suicidal thoughts and feelings can save someone's life.

Depression occurs differently in men, women, children, and the elderly. Keeping an awareness of it helps in understanding and resolving the problem correctly:

Depression in men:

Depressed men are seen to be less frustrated and self-hatred than similar women. Instead, they complain about being tired, irritable, not having sleep, not feeling at work. Some other symptoms of depression such as anger, being aggressive, violence, being careless and drinking too much alcohol can also be seen in such men. Although the chances of getting depressed in women are double than in men, the tendency of suicide in men is more.

Depression in women:

Women have twice the chance of depressed than men, with some of the causes related to hormones, especially premenstrual syndrome (premenstrual syndrome PMS), premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD), postpartum depression, and perimenopausal depression. The symptoms of depression in women are seen as overeating, excess sleep, weight gain, feeling of guilt, feeling depressed.

Adolescent Depression:

Some depressed teens look like nothing. Excessive irritability is, in fact, the greatest symptom of depression in teenagers. A depressed teenager can easily become angry, misbehave with others, and complain of pain in his body without reason. Excessive pressure put on parents for their children to study and comparison with others can also be a source of depression. If such teens are not treated then they may face problems at home and school, such children can easily take drugs Can start, and they can also have a tendency to commit suicide. But with help, it can be treated quickly.

Depression in the elderly:

Along with old age, problems such as disconnection, health problems, dependence on others, reduced income, etc. can make a person depressed. But depression is not common with old age. Such elders complain more about physical problems than emotional. That is why most of his depression-related problems go unnoticed. Coming to complain of a worsening health situation can be an indicator of depression.

Cause of Depression

Some diseases have precise causes, which makes their treatment easier. If you have diabetes, take insulin, if you have appendicitis (stone) then get surgery. But depression is a slightly complicated disease. This can happen not only because of the chemical imbalance happening in the brain but also due to any other biological, psychological, and social reasons. In other words, it can also be caused by your lifestyle, your relations, how you handle problems. But some factors increase the chances of depression:

Lack of social support
Financial problems
Recent stressful experiences
Sorrow in marital or other relationships
Bad childhood
Alcohol or other drug abuse
Work pressure
Understanding the exact cause of depression can make its treatment easier. For example, if someone is going into depression due to being upset with their job, then any other good job or employment can be more beneficial than replacing an antidepressant. If you are upset due to loneliness, then spending time with friends or pursuing a good hobby may be more beneficial for you. In such cases, depression can be relieved by changing the circumstances.

Depression Treatment

Just as the symptoms and causes of depression are different in different people, similarly the ways to overcome it are different. The remedy that works for one person, it is not necessary to do it for others also, and In most cases, no single method of treatment is sufficient. If you see symptoms of depression in yourself or one of your well-wishers, then take some time to explore the treatment options. In most cases, the best approach is a combination of these measures: social support, lifestyle changes, emotional skills building, and professional help.

Ask for help:

 If you feel that you are going into depression or are already depressed, do not hide it, nor feel infuriated with a shrink because depression is a very common illness, and its treatment is completely possible. Hiding it is like promoting it, discuss it in your family, consult your integral friends as well. If there is no one, then you can also directly meet a psychologist.

Improve your lifestyle:

You can do this in these ways:

By improving relationships
By exercising daily
Healthy food
Using Relaxation techniques
Negative thinking

Develop Emotional Skills:

Many people are unable to deal with stress properly and become emotional. Emotional skills help you to maintain your balance in adverse situations. For this, you can do a short-term course related to stress management.

Get help from a professional:

If these things do not work, seek help from a mental health professional. There are several effective methods for the treatment of depression: such as therapy, medications, alternative treatments, etc. Exactly what method to use will depend on the causes of your depression.

Pay attention to these things as well:

Use the word depression at least.
Do not forget the name of depression even after forgetting minor problems. By doing this your subconscious brain can do this thing at home and your chance of becoming a patient of depression will increase.
Read good things that bring positivity to you. You will find many such articles on See here
Stay away from those who think negatively.
Understand the fact that until failure does not happen in life, the value of success will not be understood. Therefore, do not consider failure to be the end of everything.

What to do if someone else is in trouble?

  If you know someone who is going to take any wrong step due to depression or is thinking about that:

Immediately warn his relatives. A little support from the family can save someone's life.
Do not leave that person alone.
Talk to him on this helpline number, or ask him to do it. Free counseling is available on this number. This is the number of India, I checked it myself, it works.

24×7 Helpline: 1800 233 3330